Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Background Check Tips

If you've ever wanted to find out more about an individual's background online it becomes quickly apparent that social networks and the top search engines can only go so far in providing detailed background information about an individual. Here are some useful tips and information to consider prior to purchasing a background check on an individual.

1. Corporate Background Checks - Consent is Required
It is in fact against the law, to make hiring or tenancy decisions about an individual, when a landlord or employer has purchased a background check report and uses that information to make negative decisions about the applicant without the applicants consent.

2. Consumer Background Checks - No Consent Necessary
While corporate background checks should almost always be done with the consent of an applicant, consumer background check reports are usually obtained without the consent of the person being searched.

3. Consumer Background Checks are legal
It is perfectly legal to perform a background check on an individual without their consent. Just be aware that you might be breaking the law if you make hiring and/or tenancy decisions without their approval. The legislation that governs these issues is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

4. Not all Background Check Companies are Created Equally

* Make sure there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
* Review the benefits of working with a particular company.
* Get your results instantly.
* Do NOT pay extra for instant results; these reports are mostly compiled by computers, not people.
* Make sure the company is accredited.
* Review a sample report. Ensure you know what information will be returned
* Ensure they have a large and comprehensive database

Ensure the site has reviews from satisfied customers.

6.Comprehensive Reports
When receiving a background report you should minimally expect to receive a full address history, assessed property values of owned property, date of birth and where they exist criminal records, aliases, liens/judgments. This is not a complete list but it is a sampling of the data available.

Background Checks with Government Records

It's a sad commentary about the world in which we live that we need to protect ourselves, our possessions, and our loved ones against real and perceived threats by others. Background checks are the most efficient and effective means in order to indemnify ourselves against the evil intentions of others.

You only need to pick up your daily paper to read about the horrors that are perpetrated against others:

• Identity theft can destroy your equity and credit and rob you of everything you own in this world.

• Crimes against persons are committed by others who may have been considered friends/associates.

• Harassing and threatening phone calls can be made by those who have access to our private numbers.

Today, we can prevent these horrific actions from happening to ourselves and to those we love by initiating background checks on people who make us feel uncomfortable.

A Martha Stewart Wannabe Moved Next Door

Last year, my neighbour of 18 years rented out his basement apartment to a lady in her mid-thirties. She claimed she was an interior decorator, and appeared to be a very nice person. After a month or so, Elaine (that was her real name) began to build a friendship with my wife. Elaine started to visit my wife on a daily basis, and told my wife that she could renovate her kitchen so that it no longer looked like the Kramdens from the T.V. classic, The Honeymooners.

Before long, Elaine was making suggestions on kitchen and home improvements, and volunteering to purchase various items with our credit card. When my wife and I discussed the matter, we both had bad vibes.

Luckily, we enlisted the services of a background checks firm on the ‘Net. We were assured that databases would be researched for the following data on Elaine:

• Court Records, including criminal records, dockets, civil court documents, property records and more.

• Background Checks, including personal identification verification, neighbour association checks, and more.

• Civil Records, including legal judgments, property records, marriage/divorce info and more.

Background Screening Preserves Our Home and Property

To our astonishment, the background checks search yielded information on Elaine pertaining to criminal records. It seemed that Miss Elaine had a past, as indicated by the criminal records search. Elaine had a conviction from six years ago for Possession of Stolen property, a felony offense.

The background check further indicated that she served a year and a half in an Indiana State Prison, and had spent a year on parole without incident. Upon accessing this information, my wife and I knew instinctively that we had done the right thing by initiating background check work on this individual.

You no longer have to be victimized by others who have done nothing to earn your trust. In today's world, we have a powerful weapon in our fight to protect ourselves and our loved ones - background checks. Access background check-tools to be safe instead of sorry! You can never be too sure who is placing your welfare in jeopardy - background screening outcomes will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

You can start an Internet based investigation quite easily once you know where to find the tools that can reach into the relevant government databases, which are now made available to you under Freedom of (public) Information in The United States.

Looking for a Nanny - Avoiding the Risks of Hiring an Unsafe Nanny

In looking for a nanny, we may sometimes put too much emphasis on topnotch nanny qualifications and potentials and forgo the process of checking into their past. It is possible for us to be impressed by impeccable credentials that come in a neat and comely appearance.

On top of that, the potential nanny is oozing with lots of charm and vibrant personality, you would think that going through background investigation processes will only be a waste of time and money.

This is one pitfall you should avoid when looking for a nanny. Good credentials and appearances are not enough unless supported by evidences of a good past. Simply ask the nanny you favor, to sign an authorization that allows you to conduct different pre-employment background checks on her.

If she refuses, you have no other option but to drop her from your short listed choices. If she gives her consent, it would still be advisable for you to proceed with the background checking procedures.

Here are some of the pre-employment background checks that will provide you useful information when looking for a nanny:

1. Background Checks

Background checks will disclose whether the person you are contemplating on hiring has a record of having committed a crime, of being a sex offender, a defendant against a lawsuit, and other information related to court cases including judgments, liens, and bankruptcy declarations.

You will be looking for a nanny who can give you peace of mind when leaving your kids while in her care. The background check will confirm the information supplied to you regarding home and property owned, address and any related history, phone numbers, relatives, marriage and divorce records and other personal circumstances that may have significance to your nanny's qualifications.

2. Criminal Check

The resulting criminal report will disclose if there are any criminal convictions, misdemeanors, sex offenses, felonies and other criminal offenses on record, which may be associated with the name supplied by your nanny applicant. A sex offender report will include names and photos of the offender, details of the sex offense, last known addresses and a map of the known sex offenders living in your area. These are all important information when in the process of looking for a nanny.

3. Driving Records

A check on your nanny applicant's driving records will show if the driver's license is still valid or if it has been revoked or suspended. The information will all be based on the information gathered from the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. It will disclose any marks against the owner of the driver's license and related data regarding any accidents.

When looking for a nanny capable of doing driving tasks for your kids especially if the use of your car is involved, it is important to get your potential nanny's consent to secure a report about her driving records.

As a summary any nanny who upholds the integrity of her profession will make it a point to keep all her public records clean. She knows that if someone is looking for a nanny, a written consent that will allow prospective employers to look into the nanny's personal and criminal records will be required. A professional nanny is aware that the process aims to avoid the risk of hiring unsafe nannies.